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square this after. the white house says it will put lethal weapons into the hands of syrian rebels. no fly zone says the red line. in the course of two year olds. to work this week for washington as more details of its global surveillance to the public. for change among western countries. the presidential race in iran.
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for the top stories of the week today this is the weekly with me rule research in life in moscow. it's. with police using tear gas and water cannons on protesters trying to cross the bosphorus bridge that connects the european and the asian parts of the city it follows a violent crackdown on activists in the central square and its adjoining gezi park clearing a protest. more than two weeks. these details. thousand people apparently are have given trying to cross the bridge into somebody to get to
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chuck schumer square they actually have started moving immediately after hearing about the disperser of people from texas gray and get the cars they're being showered by tear gas and water cannons and it is really hard to see exactly how long the stern standoff between between the president of the stone bowl and the police are going to last because obviously people are very determined to get to turn around eight o'clock in the evening when they're going on started speaking i had a rally and she said that purchasers hobbs to leave until she had only significantly after he left out police came out used water cannons first and then there were there was a really heavy onset of tear gas and. at the same time there were bulldozers and workers in the cart who were clearing the area from the tents and from the protesters that was still inside the park hundreds of thousands from national
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unions have already declared that they will go on general strike in opposition to it on challenge french to express their protest and get the nation displayed as the start to a protest stumbo this is yet another occasion on which prime minister has acted soon after he spoke about the determination to clear out old protest from gezi park he has made several statements in that regard throughout the two weeks there again referring to the protesters as looters alcoholic instruments and saying that foreign forces are behind this and it also comes on the same day when thousands of everyone's supporters have gathered in the koran suburbs and many believe that this is a matter of fact is yet another indication of the prime minister creating a rift in the thick of society this is the report that we have compiled earlier on the matter. clashing turmoil blood smoke and even. this has been turkey's reality for the past two weeks as protests show no sign of subsiding prime minister
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erdogan shows clear indication he won't budge neither on the prospects of gezi park demolition nor on other requests coming from taksim square these actions made the tension between the two parties. more serious than it was before and. he troubled his supporters telling you spreading some of his own formation about people drinking in mosques or people attacking her square for men and like the people or killing policemen most of those formations were incorrect looters alcoholics extremists foreign agents all bound to wreak havoc in turkey and this is the reality of protests according to our don and those some may believe him others i mean critical of the prime minister. i'm against the protests but i think that these protests come from foreign forces from other countries which are not happy with the success and development of turkey i'm really angry with the government i
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think the one acts like a dictator who does whatever he wants he doesn't hear what other people think. i'm against the protests are seen gezi park because things are getting out of control also the foreign press show it like a big event and this made the protest even bigger but the government wants to make peace with people. so far however these efforts appear to have resulted in get more clashes in istanbul than in karate throughout the week with numerous reports of police brutality we spoke directly to officers to try to find out their side of the story. from day one we were for three days without sleep or food when you know you can't eat and afterwards we can think about is sleeping we slept on the pavement on the grass or on our shields maximum one hour a day i didn't get fired. to face with the protesters but i had no access to any information my phone battery died so i had no idea why the protests got so big the
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only things i heard were alders from our commanding officers so. the pressure on police has been so great that according to their union six officers have committed suicide while nearly a thousand resigned because of the protests as the protests continue with all participants of the conflicts growing increasingly tired and desperate and the government making no clear effort to ease the tensions some begin to wonder where prime minister who prides himself on the building boom in turkey has actually destroyed the very bridges within society in the country in istanbul that in a. an apartment over there one feels he'll get away with a crackdown no matter how heavy because he's got strong western support and that's the view of well the first journalist clock. feels emboldened really to act in a very harsh where gets the protesters uneasy in poland because he's a member of nature and a u.s. ally and i think he very interesting to see just how the criticism over the last
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week john kerry baits mutterings about not using too much force but william hague for example has been silent the french have been silent and i think we should bowlers to clamp down hard on protesters put in the police put in the water cannons the plastic bullets etc i think go home field really good visionary pressure on him to actually negotiate to meet with the protesters why should he think because he's got the backing of nato and the u.s. the u.s. will do everything to stop him from falling from power the other thing is of course elections are here in turkey for two more years the opposition is divided so he thinks he's in a very strong position. it's good to have you with us here and i see hong kong is witnessing a marathon of surveillance rallies in support of edward snowden he's holed up there after exposing washington's on power and l.
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spider web the outrage over the mass new pings being mirrored across the planet as a tease more important now reports of the surveillance is costing america its image as a beacon of democracy. last weekend the u.s. president and his chinese counterpart met for a private bilateral summit focused on cyber attacks and virtual espionage washington blaming beijing for being an online outlaw today the tables have turned courtesy of n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden as the n.s.a. leaker told the south china morning post of the u.s. has been hacking chinese and hong kong computers since since zero nine snowden alleges that the u.s. national security agency's targets included the chinese university of hong kong public officials and students allegations that give way to claims by officials in beijing that the country has been the victim of u.s. hacking efforts america's turned into the world cop they think that they can
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basically set the standards for everybody else to follow their own paranoia global paranoia and outrage has been rising ever since one of america's best kept secrets known as prism was revealed the n.s.a.'s clandestine electronic surveillance program records digital communications and allows for real time online surveillance of citizens both foreign and domestic prism gives u.s. intelligence agencies direct access to files stored on the servers of nine major internet companies including google and facebook to identify and target potential terrorist suspects officials in italy britain and germany the most spied upon country said the program was both alarming and encroached on privacy politically to some extent i think it's the united states government but rather because despite all the claims from the white house from a congress the reality of the astley excessive valence has been
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documented by the material of the authentic material from the n.s.a. there were snowden has released revelations about prism has prompted the american civil liberty. these union to file for lawsuits against the obama administration more than one hundred and fifty thousand american citizens have signed an online petition calling for an end to washington's massive spying apparatus a clandestine program which the president who promised an unprecedented amount of transparency ironically defends you can't have one hundred percent security. and also then have one hundred percent privacy and zero inconvenience. you know we're going to have to make some choices as a society the obama administration finds itself losing not only the war on leaks
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but enormous credibility at home and abroad with the oversell a school of watching everyone in the name of national security one may wonder if the u.s. government has become its own worst enemy reporting from new york marina port r.t. the fury in washington has not subsided over the past week with senators saying they hope the administration will quote go to the end of the cut snowden michael ratner is an attorney for wiki leaks julian a songe he says it takes extraordinary courage to go up against such a government. this shows you how bad the situation is and how much courage these people have after the us has hit these people and sledgehammers demanding a son and then you still get people like mike smith and like. snowden coming out again so it indicates that there's a tremendous amount of courage of young people to try and reveal the criminality and surveillance and the state that we have here illegal part has to do with the
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laws that this country passed post nine eleven in particular courts that are essentially and pick up and decide to old ghosts and a president who is willing to us that repair and we approve this massive surveillance it still takes courage once you have conscience but we're seeing that happen not snowden manning stond hammond those are heroes. and while the u.s. spy net spans the entirety of the world surveillance against certain nations was given a priority among them strangely enough that of germany a fact that is lending strength to arguments the spying amounts to industrial espionage. correspondent peter all of a filed this report. among the information that was revealed by whistleblower edward snowden is a map that shows where around the world the united states was listening in to people's telephone conversations now this maps generated so that countries with minimum why it tops taking place in the color green and those where the most why
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it's happening was taking place are in red now this has thrown up a few surprises one of those is that right here in germany a lot of pearson a lewd orange on the map suggesting that it was the subject of quite significant why it's happening it's been suggested that although these claims are made that they're trying to stop terrorism that these could be used for economic purposes to try and find out just what's going on inside of europe's only real economic success story at the moment well of course this caused some outrage here in europe and it's certainly going to raise some serious questions when president barack obama arrives here in berlin next week for talks with angle of merkel another man here in germany who's in charge of protecting german citizens identity and personal data is called the u.s. actions unacceptable saying that the level of protection that was in place to look after u.s. citizens well was really far greater than those to look after a u.s.
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citizens and well armed we all allies after all the social democratic party here in germany who are the main opposition party have said that they want to hear from the german secret service to find out exactly just how much and when they knew that german citizens were being listened to during their phone conversations. are hoping to stay with us here and more and arming the rebels in syria and a victory for moderation in the iranian election and more after the break.
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free. free. free. free. free. free. video for your media. free media. thanks for joining us here today a never ending civil confrontation in syria now at risk of reaching
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a new phase america claims that red line assad has been crossed washington did say this week it was not preparing to controversial rebel groups finding evidence the syrian government resorted to the use of chemical weapons the claim however has been met with a wall of doubt. try to find out why with. this week washington confirmed it has ample proof of assad's troops using chemical weapons against the opposition but the timing seems to be rather strange for that the incident in question allegedly happened in december last year but it's been brought up only now when the government troops are winning the battle after battle according to the russian foreign minister this makes no sense at all from the military point of view and the follow up statement by president obama that he wanted to see the balance of power is restored in the country and possibly even the syrian rebels is creating even more grounds for concerns in russia and europe as well so we have russia being skeptical about it the only voice or other others were
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skeptical about the u.s. evidence not everyone is buying it the e.u. the main allies of the united states they are asking additional checks from the u.n. investigators russia says that the proof gathering process itself was done with violations of international regulations just. there are certain rules of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which suggest that samples of blood urine and clothes and soon can be classed as evidence only if these samples were collected by the organizations experts and if these experts controlled the samples and rude to the board during our u.s. colleagues we'll do surance that these procedures were here to why do you think there's been a lot of resistance to accepting this evidence that the u.s. says it has well just let's look at the history let's go back ten years ago to two thousand and three when the u.s. state secretary colin powell was shaking a vial with allegedly anthrax in it suggesting that iraq has weapons of mass
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destruction chemical weapons we all know where this when so the u.s. clearly don't want to step on the same break again at the same time another rather concerning statements coming from the u.s. that they are considering implementing a no fly zone over syria which in many cases is the first step for a military and and has certainly a striking resemblance to the. the scenario almost a decade ago and so as we've seen the rebels themselves are kind of a very diverse group a lot of interest in a lot of different groups as part of the so-called opposition that they have in the syria are there allegations against them as well i've heard words of regret coming from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov that all claims and allegations coming from the syrian government that the opposition used chemical weapons against them have never been investigated they have been seen that footage of the opposition testing chemical weapons on rabbits more recently twelve people from al nusra front the syrian militarized opposition brigade were detained in turkey by
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the turkish police allegedly carrying vials of zareen gas on them so definitely there are no saints here but these claims are not being investigated for some reason. meanwhile efforts to push both sides to peace talks continue the storm the move the opposition's failure to join the upcoming geneva conference a political analyst armada walk off explain why the rebels continue to refuse to negotiate weakening the rebels on the ground may actually be a positive thing in any political dialogue or a new political negotiations because those people have the power to stifle or kill any political process the aura of invincibility should be reduced it would be for the political representatives of the opposition to have any meaningful say in a negotiation table and actually being able to keep their words afterwards but as long as there are promises of weaponry and support towards those rebels on the
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ground without that they won't go to the table anymore told in fact with the ideology behind what they have been doing since the very beginning is specially. affiliated groups they are not interested in negotiating with the regime anymore or the syrian government at all they see it as an infidel regime that must be toppled no matter what. and president putin addressed the issue during a q. and a session with artie's journalists here at our moscow headquarters he believes there's a lack of coherence in the stance of some foreign players who may be unwillingly encouraging the opposition to fight on national significance chill opposition has always been to allow people to make a decision about the structure of power in syria how rights interests in safety will be ensured only after these agreements their reach should return to more systemic transition and not. just throw everyone out and then plunge the entire country into chaos with what our colleagues cannot answer is this one of the key
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organizations inside the so-called armed opposition is a nurse strip u.s. state department deems it a terrorist organization with ties to al qaeda and the group doesn't make that a secret will it be part of the new government they say no i asked them so we just swap them away like flies i know they say so what will happen they say but we don't know where is the logic. is going to it and you can hear more of what the president had to say on the most pressing international developments in a long long interview that will be just eight thirty am g.m.t. . to iran now where progress form little one he has been officially named the successor to mahmoud ahmadinejad's after winning the presidential election with more than fifty percent of the votes of some western politicians have already expressed the hope that perhaps the country will become more flexible under
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the new moderate leader r.t. is more if an option a report on what the world perhaps could expect. people have taken to the streets of tehran to celebrate the victory all of us on the hot. air right now. that's a hot victory has provoked mixed feelings that man iran's new content is known as a reformist and carries the problem many specially in terms of greater freedoms boiron and surrounds diplomatic isolation the country has been under the top sanctions for years now over a sprinter version of nuclear program during his campaign rouhani has promised to prepare the civil rights structure response the economy and improve your relations with the west he's criticized after to use as many time for making remarks that cost the country its credibility but at the same time instead of you hear it there
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on realize that the iranian system works with major power held by the supreme leader of the president can do little to change things dramatically. the supreme leader has the final say on big issues like terrence disputed brother mo syria for example. those say that the next president can at least tense the time of iran's dealings with the outside world the moment chief nuclear negotiator is not for his consulting approach a journalist from a mother who believes perhaps the west could see a more flexible iran with this new leader. i'm trying to say is that the art of negotiation perhaps which has been nonexistent in recent years maybe mr rouhani would be able to rebuild iranian negotiating team in such a way that they can negotiate the whole thing in a better way at the same time we need to understand that iran doesn't want anything
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more than its rights iran wants its nuclear rights to be respected and it is the west on the ball it's now very much is in the court of the western countries who have been accusing ahmadinejad's administration of being stubborn and of being not very much serious about the talks now that message one has in place is in office the west doesn't have any more excuses they have to come to the negotiating negotiating table this is our canadian scientists are counting against cancer literally they think sophisticated math models will help them battle the disease hoping to create some form of special soldier viruses. and when prison looks like a better choice than the army that's the reality for some israelis trying to avoid serving in the idea. she's been inspiring women all over the world to follow their dreams for half
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a century now that the first woman in space valentino celebrating fifty years since her first groundbreaking flight. the story. one small step for a woman. two years after yuri gagarin valentino tarrasque over chased his rocket vapors up to warburton nine hundred sixty three to become the first woman in space . the training was the same for men and women space doesn't make allowances for gender. even today valentino is a folk hero only slightly less famous thing the guardian in russia and in space valentino ten saying q thank you so much for being an interest in to me and many other women and girls around the world to reach our dreams congratulations but back then she started off as one of many selected from among hundreds of applicants one of five other finalists could've gone in a place. of course i wanted to go into space all of us did now we're
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celebrating to scores on a verse three but at the time we were naturally very upset that it didn't choose us . it was a time of cold war with soviet leader nikita khrushchev desperate to keep the momentum going after the garden was first across one of the great hurdles of the space race as such the project was kept top secret valentino didn't even tell her own mother what she was doing a break i told her i was in a parachute jumping team and she believed me of course when her friends congratulated her she didn't believe them either saying she's not mean with space she's a parachutist it would be two decades ago before the next female cosmonaut went into space and after fifty years only three russian female cosmonauts have ever been in orbit i sense that on them there are lots of women astronauts and other countries and it's hard to explain why the situation in russia is different this is largely due to russian attitudes to women in space i would call this uncivilized
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perhaps they don't trust women enough valentino became a perfect publicist for the soviet union she was banned from flying ever again. up to good governance down viewed as too valuable a public face to lose along this hall of fame a statues of men central to soviet space exploration but valentino tedesco over is the only woman you'll find here a cool sign with see go and for the u.s.s.r. and for all the women who dreamt of doing the same this see go through higher than any other tom watson moscow. so how about a bit more with valentino telescope the first woman into orbit the details with this brain you.
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you know when i was in school they would tell us stories about that other goofy economic system in the eastern bloc and about why it was doomed to fail they tell us how terrified communist bureaucrats would work very hard to give the illusion of a fish and see when their bosses were in town essentially out of fear they would try to convince the state that everything was just fine they promise of a fresh coat of paint on some stuff bump up their numbers in the books and get employees to put a smile on for the cameras so they wouldn't lose their jobs yeah this our teachers told us was a sign of true doomed economics rolling the clock forward twenty or thirty years the bosses of the current global economic system are in town and many locations around the upcoming g eight summit in northern ireland are doing their best to hide their economic downturn from the media according to our t.v. news the government of northern ireland has spent two million pounds dealing with derelict buildings some of these buildings have simply been knocked out but some have been spruced up like butcher shops with images of meat stuck over the windows
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to hide their barren interiors or the now famous local office supply store which contains no office supplies at all but it sure does look nice and i guess that's what counts spending too. million pounds to hype economic downturn from the g eight and other eyes whether than spending it actually you know improving the local economy seems like doomed economic practices to me but that's just my opinion. download the official placation yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. any time anyway.


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